Lived from 1809-1865
16th President of the United States
Assassinated April 1865
Memorable Quotes:

“I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come.”

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

-As a young boy, his dying mother called him to her bedside before passing and whispered into his ear, “Be somebody, Abe”.

-He started out as an uneducated, poverty-stricken grocery clerk who found some law books in the bottom of a barrel. He purchased them for fifty cents and began a career in law.

-As a young man he used to criticize others by dropping insulting letters and poems on country roads where they would most assuredly by found.

-His last documented occasion of insulting another person resulted in a challenge to fight in a duel by politician James Shields. Lincoln took lessons in sword fighting from a West Point graduate, and prepared to fight to the death. At the last minute, the fight was cancelled. It was said that Lincoln never insulted anyone again following this incident.

-One of his favorite quotations was, “Judge not, that ye be not judged”

-He had 4 sons, with 3 dying and only 1 living to maturity

-He failed in two business ventures, lost 8 different elections and had a complete nervous breakdown before becoming president in 1861.

-As president, he famously issued an executive order called the “Emancipation Proclamation”, proclaiming the freedom of millions of slaves.

-He delivered one of the most known speeches in US history, “The Gettysburg Address“, which examined the founding principles of the United States.

-He delivering a speech promoting voting rights for blacks, angering a well-known actor and confederate spy from Maryland named John Wilkes Booth.

-While he lay dying the morning of April 15, 1865, after being shot at point-blank range by Booth, Secretary of War Stanton said, “There lies the most perfect ruler of men that the world has ever seen.”

-The only president in which following his assassination, grave robbers attempted to steal his body and use it as ransom.

-Theodore Roosevelt said that when he, as president, faced a complex problem, would look up at a large painting of Lincoln and think to himself, “What would Lincoln do if he were in my shoes? How would he solve this problem?”

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