Larry David Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry: ” You would have a cigar after lunch. Remember that?”

Larry: “Right in the office.”

Jerry: “You would offer sage advice. You seemed like, “Yes, come my child, I’ve got this all figured out.” Anything you say with a cigar just sounds so much better.”

Larry: “It imbues you with knowledge.”

Jerry: “What is it about it?”

Larry: “There’s something contemplative about it.”

Jerry: “Why not a cigarette?”

Larry: “A cigarette isn’t contemplative… It’s anxiety, there’s anxiety associated with it. You know what I mean? Whereas a cigar is relaxing and when you relax, you are open to more thoughts, you have time to think.”

Jerry: “A cigar takes time, that’s the key to it, that’s the whole key.”

Source: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee