adrian peterson

Last season ended in disaster for Minnesota Viking’s four time pro bowl running-back Adrian Peterson. The star athlete tore his ACL and MCL (two of the four major ligaments allowing knee function), had the required surgeries, and started on the recovery trail. Many NFL pundits said there was no way Peterson would be ready to play by the start of this season, but it looks like Peterson is about to show his haters who’s bawse!

Is Peterson concerned about his surgically repaired knee? I don’t think so. He’s been saying for the past couple months that he sees himself running over opponents in week one, and even hints at how he plans to stay physically healthy this time: by hitting the defense, running over and breaking through any and everyone before they can take a shot at his knees. That’s Swagger and I love it.

Here is a little clip of the amazing talent of Adrian ‘All Day’ Peterson.