Michael Belkin - Photo: King World News

Michael Belkin – Photo: King World News

In this short interview with Eric King of King World News , Michael Belkin – Founder, Financial Market Strategist & Author of the Belkin Report, warns that investors are not prepared for the coming year, and that too many believe we are in recovery, when we’re not. He suggests the possibility of a 30% decline in S&P index and earnings this year and asks that investor take on a conservative mentality, selling on the rallies, and perhaps investing in Inverse ETFs.

Belkin posits that the “economic recovery after the financial crisis is anemic, and it takes much longer for things to get back to the level that they were before”.

He stresses that future asset depreciation is a strong force, and will counter the inflationary affects of debt monetization in the short run. However, Belkin warns that inflation and perhaps hyper inflation may be in our future depending on the monetary policy at the time, in which case we could see gold and other precious metal climb.

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