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Sir Richard Branson

It is astounding to witness a group of 32 entrepreneurs from different parts of the world come together in one place. The energy of the room where a meeting of the minds took place is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

There was a small, but incredibly important take-away that I got after observing and participating in a mastermind session over the weekend. While each individual marked a presence when they entered the room, I looked for a clue as to what made them different. Was there a behavioural pattern in which natural leadership emerges?

Everyone in this room has had some form of success. Whether it was having 2,800 real-estate investment properties or being the personal coach to Tony Robbins, this group had a simple unique character trait. It was subtle and almost went unnoticed. Whenever someone paused to think, to take a second and gather their thoughts, they simply looked up to the sky instead of down to the ground.

Use it, because it could help you judge a CEO’s confidence in what it is that they are doing with your investment.


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