New Chiefs on The Land, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, 2006

I was very fortunate to get to meet artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun at his studio in Vancouver yesterday.

Yuxweluptun, born in Kamloops in 1957, is one of Canada’s most accomplished painters. His works are featured in the National Gallery of Canada.

I first saw LPY’s art in a CEO.CA post by Joseph Staples last November. His New Chiefs on the Land resonated with me and I forwarded it to friends.

I had no idea LPY shared studio space with my pal, Graeme Bergland, who I dropped in on yesterday randomly.

There in the back of the studio was LPY, working on a follow up to New Cheifs (pictured below, with Lawrence in the middle).

LPY offered his inspiration for the painting. He is very concerned with water contamination from fracking. The men in the painting represent “Suits” from all nationalities who profit from natural resources. “How do you put a price on 3000 years of environmental damages?” Lawrence asked.

YPL does have a price for the painting, however: $75,000.

Its working title is CEO.CA.