NOT COLARADO — Better than gold? Maybe. The Precious Metals Summit webcast is in gear.

This is the Colorado conference that precedes the Denver Gold Group gathering, a larger-company show that starts Sunday evening.

The video quality at Precious Metals Summit is good, and the display for about 60-plus companies is indexed accordingly by time slot —

I point to Mark O’Dea‘s True Gold Mining slot: heap leach, cheap Karma in Burkina Faso, and no I do not own TGM (in Canada) shares.

Also worth a watch, and they are all 15 minutes — Pretivm Resources (PVG in USA) in northern British Columbia, Canada. That’s Valley of the Kings, in the Eskay Creek neighborhood. Lots of high-grade resource on the gold.


I do not own Pretivm shares, but after Robert Quartermain‘s presentation, perhaps I should. No nonsense here, as far as I can tell. Pretivm is one of the larger of the Precious Metals Summit presenters — $850 million market worth, all in. Most of the rest are far smaller in stock-market size.

Another nice feature that we rarely see in webcasting is how the Summit makes the slide shows immediately available for download. See Andre Gaumond’s Virginia Mines one, for instance.

This video STREAM, with accompanying slide shows, accessed easily, is the future of investor outreach. Outstanding job, once again, by Jessica Levental’s Precious Metals Summit team. PMS, a small group of Denver Gold group rebels who jumped ship a few years ago, also has shows in Zurich and I believe Hong Kong.

“Very well organized. Interesting companies and projects and good interest from the funds,” says Fabio Capponi, Italian born CEO of CB Gold, a Colombia prospector.

I am watching, as I write this, Julio Benedetti’s Bellhaven Copper & Gold presentation. Live. Bellhaven’s PEA is just out this week, along with one from another Colombia prospector: Red Eagle Mining (RD in Canada).

Red Eagle Mining just came in with a very fine PEA — an underground mine at its Antioquia property and supposedly less than a two-year payback. Ian Slater’s company has a good pedigree, and like Mark O’Dea’s True Gold, Red Eagle has financial backing from Diana Walters’ Liberty Metals & Mining group in Boston.

Walters of the insurance unit’s mining investment group was speaking at this PMS summit today Thursday. She has about $1 billion to spend on NSRs, strategic stakes and other resource investments: coal, gold, platinum, iron ore.

Back at Bellhaven (BHV) — this is the company I helped transition four years ago with Panama’s Patrick Abraham, Panama’s Julio and Hawaii’s Paul Zweng. I own 2.3 million shares BHV.


Julio and team run La Garucha and La Mina, a place I know well in Colombia. In and around it is one of the richest belts of mineralization in Colombia — the Mid-Cauca, named after the river even though the mud sometimes makes this rio the color of caca.

Cash costs for a projected Bellhaven gold (with copper) mine’s first five years appear to be among the lowest in the world, according to the prelim. Here are two slides.

Julio got several relevant questions after the presentation hoy. Maybe someone will start to see the projected open pit at La Mina as we all do as stakeholders?

Easy pickings, but then, to ring that tired old phrase, I am talking my own book, hook and tuk-tuk.

Bellhaven is one of many companies getting short shrift in Colombia this past 18 months. Examples include three of our TCR 8 — Gran Colombia Gold, Solvista Gold and Atico Mining (ATY in Canada). Surprise: They are all there in Colorado.

Talk it up. (Possible Colombia exception: Simon Ridgway’s Cordoba Minerals. I do not own that one, even though Simon told me a year ago in Medellin that if I did not purchase it, I would be missing a component of the exploration puzzle in Colombia. Beh! Cordoba actually has warrants in the money and is accelerating those warrant expirations so as to get more lucre in the treasury.)

TCR takeaway: Jessica Levental and her PMS team are showing us they can run a resources conference biz in a waning market for resources. Reminds me of the beautiful and bright Sandy Lawrence, our neighbor here in northern California. She is a vintner and grape grower now.

Sandy started INDABA Cape Town years ago in South Africa, and she spearheaded conferences in Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas. Through thick markets and tin. I mean, thin. She sold at a good time.

OK. Finally, keep an eye on Ivan Bebek’s Cayden Resources slot later this afternoon (Denver time). Cayden is in Mexico. Dan McCoy is his chief geologist, the same fellow who taught me a thing or two at Esaase in Ghana for (formerly) Keegan and now Asanko. I own shares of Cayden, thanks to a compelling case Dan, Ivan and his team made for me almost a year ago in New Orleans.

Cayden is on the hot-shot discoveries list, and CYD shares (in Canada) are progressing nicely. I like Dan because he speaks with a real lunk-eye-land axe-end yet earned his geology doctorate in Alaska.

More Friday from this show. I want to take some time to listen to St. Augustine Gold & Copper (SAU in Canada), which is working in the Philippines. And no, I am not giving up on my home away from home — Colombia.