Gordon's offices sat on the 54th floor of the TD Tower

Gordon Capital’s old offices atop the TD Tower

“There was no firm like it.  And there probably won’t be another one like it.  It was  tough to get into and tough to get out. Hotel California.”

I’ve heard the name, Gordon Capital, a few times in my career.  I find when talking about Gordon Capital, it is often complimented with a fond smirk and a twinkle in the eye of the story teller.  For those that have not heard of Gordon Capital, the firm created the ‘bought deal’ financing in the 80’s and revolutionized the Canadian brokerage business forever.  I came across this article written for the Globe and Mail in 2009 and it paints a colorful picture of that transformative firm.

Among the Gordon alumni are:

Donald Coxe – Chairman Coxe Advisors
Thomas Allen – former Chairman of Westwind Capital, Director of Thomas Weisel Partners
Bob Cross – former Chairman and CEO of Yorkton, Chairman of Bankers Petroleum and B2Gold
Jeff Green – Partner Jovian Asset Management and founder of Paradigm Capital
Brad Griffiths – co-founder of GMP Securities

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