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TIBURON, CALIFORNIA — GOLD STANDARD VENTURES shares in Canada and the USA, along with an ancillary listing in Germany, are rising smartly this week.

As much as 50 percent in several days for GSV (in Canada and USA and 6AZ in Germany).


Sprechen Sie IR?

This is a heady move that is linked to: 1. Jonathan Awde, Dave Mathewson and the rest of the team are narrating the Railroad story for investors in the USA; 2. TCR confirmed via BCSC filing in Canada that Agnico-Eagle is the 4.9 percent owner of GSV shares from the August 2, 2013, placement; 3. at least two companies, one of them AEM, is on site this week and next near Elko, Nevada; one of them is said to be more interested in the copper than the gold; and 4. Gold Standard is disseminating its data releases and news in Germany, where it has a listing.

Says a company spokesman, Luke Norman, “We have paid for our news releases to be translated in German and disseminated on German mainstream press locations.” That translation happened Oct. 2.

IR-World, the distributor in Austria, runs or has relationships with a flock of European newsletters and investor outreach agencies. Its venue is The newsletters associated with the service are seen at the bottom of the home page and include German sites such as

Just as importantly, the Austria firm, headed by Joaquim Brunner, uses partners whose networks have influence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. See:

I thought our TCR audience would like to keep up with the marvellous yet almost instantaneous rise in GSV shares. Until last week, the only regular coverage of the shares, aside from two or possibly three brokerage houses/investment banks, including Macquarie Securities in Canada, has been TCR — The Calandra Report.

As I write this, the shares have reached $1 USA and higher in Canada. Much of the volume is from North America. Germany trading is brisk today, as much as 420,000 shares with the euro-share price rising 13 percent.

The trade volume today in Germany is multiples greater than the usual amount.

I am patient and intend to hold my shares, which I began buying in October 2011 after having seen Railroad with Mr. Mathewson and Mr. Awde.

If German-language distribution of GSV’s above-average drill assays (September) can goose a 50 percent gain in a junior mining stock, then perhaps the Munich Gold Show in early November is worth revisiting?

I don’t think so. Says Mr. Norman, a co-founder of Gold Standard Ventures. “I’d like to think we have geologists seeing gold oxide at one of our holes.”

That would be RRB13-1 AT BALD MOUNTAIN, which was released to the public October 2. That was another big-volume day in Germany trading, by the way.

GOLD AFICIONADOS, and at least two bank analysts, have pointed to the heap-leach characteristics of the latest assay.

For our part, we continue to wait for geologist Dave Mathewson and team’s work at vectoring closer to the source of the Carlin-style deposit’s sedimentary hosted gold, with silver and copper. I am in until GSV sells the asset or the entire company.

In the meantime, I am looking to increase my holdings of GSV, just not at $1 a share; and also to increase other Nevada holdings — NuLegacy Gold (V.NUG in Canada) and Pilot Gold (PLG in Canada). All three are members of our TCR 8.
More to come. Go Oakland Athletics.

$91 yearly