PI Investment Advisors Bill Whitehead,  Adam Simmons, and Justin Hayek

Click for November DTTD

An investment advisory group from PI Financial Corp. in Vancouver are writing a solid junior resource client newsletter, called Digging Through The Dirt (DTTD).

The authors are Bill Whitehead, 56, Senior Vice President, Adam Simmons, 33, Ph.D. Geology, and Justin Hayek, 29, Certified Investment Manager (CIM).

Nine companies are discussed in this month’s DTTD: Macro Enterprises (MCR-v), Desert Star Resources (DSR-v), True Gold Mining (TGM-v), New Zealand Energy Corp (NZ-v), East West Petroleum (EW-v), Barisan Gold (BG-v), Cordoba Minerals (CDB-v), Alpha Minerals (AMW-v), Cayden Resources (CYD-v).

Readers are advised to be skeptical of everything they read or hear about junior resource companies, including from DTTD, and us for that matter.

With that said, you might want to download: Digging Through The Dirt – November 2013.pdf.