Ted Turton

Mr. Turton

Malcom Perry of the Vancouver Sun reported that Ted Turton, who co-founded Canaccord Genuity Group (CF:TSX) with Peter Brown, died this week at the age of 84.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.

Mr. Turton and Mr. Brown paid $23,000 in 1968 for a small brokerage firm called Turton & Co. which became Canarim Investment Corp., and through many acquisitions grew into the largest independent bank in the country, Canaccord Financial.  Today the bank has over 1,500 employees and revenues in excess of $797 million with global reach.

Among Mr. Turton’s biggest investment wins was Pyramid Mines which went from $0.25 to over $22 almost overnight on a rich lead-zinc discovery in the Northwest Territories.  Ted was ultimately given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1994 Howe Street Awards for his involvement in Pyramid.