Today is the one year anniversary of making this video with my brother.

I thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of my favourite mining and energy quotes, starting with one from Mr. Lowell, of course:

“If there’s anything my career says about me, it’s that I’m very good at being wrong.”
Dave Lowell, Mining’s Greatest Explorer

”It’s the find, eh… You don’t really do things for the money. You do it to try to find something, eh.”
Chuck Fipke, Founder, Dia Met Minerals

“Time is short. If you want to achieve much, you’ve got to run.”
Peter Munk, Founder and Former Chairman, Barrick Gold

“If it’s the single minded pursuit of wealth that drives you, make sure you don’t really really care about family, friends or health. Go get the money, pile it up, then jump and that pile, and enjoy it, because that’s all you’ve got.”
Brett Wilson, Co-Founder, First Energy Capital

“Whether it’s copper, whether it’s oil, whether it’s zinc, it’s a cyclical business, and you know that you’re going to get all of your money back in 2 or 3 good years. What you don’t know is when those 2 or 3 good years are going to be. However, if you have 50 years, you’re going to have those 2 or 3 good years 5 or 6 times.”
Don Lindsay, President and CEO of Teck Corporation

“Like venture capital, it’s not about cheap paper, it’s about ‘first mover advantage’, the speed to have the vision and ability to attract talent, money and an outstanding asset… Few people are able to do all three like Frank G. He has the know how and the know who with the energy to make it happen.”
– Frank Holmes, CEO of US Global Investors

“Commodities will always be in demand. But as it fluctuates, the prices of various commodities oscillate between a price that allows companies to earn a good margin to a point where there’s negative margin. And often when one commodity is hot, another is distressed. This is a game you can play forever.”
Kevin Bambrough, Former CEO, Sprott Resource Corp.

“If you make rich people richer, they will make sure that you get rich.”
Rick Rule, Chairman, Sprott Global

“One drill hole changes the game. It’s very hard to decide who gets to make it and who doesn’t. It’s a big gate, and yet very few make it through. But you have to let them try.”
Lukas Lundin, Chairman, Lundin Group

“Even an idiot can make a great discovery and drive a stock from three cents to three bucks, and those guys wouldn’t get funded privately. It has to be public.”
Ross Beaty, Founder, Lumina Capital Corporation

“Those that know it the best, love it the least because they have been hurt the most.”
– Don Coxe on mining exec’s

“I just want to remind you that the real wealth in the mining industry is generated by FINDING something.”
Robert Friedland, Executive Chairman, Ivanhoe Mines

“Consider picking up a few shares as a speculation… Pack them away for your favourite nephew.”
Robert Friedland, Executive Chairman, Ivanhoe Mines

“You will need a telescope to see how high the platinum price goes.”
Robert Friedland, Executive Chairman, Ivanhoe Mines

“Nobody ever went broke taking a profit.”
Bob Moriarty, Pilot and Editor,

“I would prefer to sell my shares to a smart buyer, but I’ll take dumber.”
Brent Cook, Geologist and Editor, Exploration Insights

“There’s no shortage of good promoters out there, but there’s a massive shortage of delivery on the promote.”
Clive Johnson, Founder and CEO, B2Gold

“Junior mining companies are like a shark. When they stop swimming, they’re dead.”
Nolan Watson, President and CEO, Sandstorm Gold

“A gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar on top.”
– Mark Twain

“The game of golf and the biz of gold have their similarities. Both have holes. Both seem futile. Both require great dedication. Only difference is, in gold mining, you get to change your lie.”
Thom Calandra, Editor, The Calandra Report

”It’s like standing in the middle of a lake so big you can’t see to either side.”
Frank Callaghan, CEO, Barkerville Gold Mines

“Nobody was going to feed me, and I had a large appetite.”
Hy Aisenstat, Founder, Hy’s Restaurants

“Never let the sun set on a bid!”
– Anonymous broker


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