Frank Giustra (Photo: Ken Stewart, CEO.CA)

Frank Giustra (Photo: Ken Stewart, CEO.CA)

After the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference on Monday evening, I somehow found myself in a conversation with mining, energy and movie mogul Frank Giustra and economist John Mauldin and I wanted to share a few of things that I learned listening to the two men discuss a wide range of topics.

Giustra said he never had a plan in life. He credits ambition and more importantly a positive attitude for his good fortune in business over the years.

Mauldin echoed Giustra’s sentiment about planning. He said he has authored 5 year plans for his own business life for 38 consecutive years, and that he is 0/38.

I asked Mauldin what he felt was the key to great direct response copy, to which he responded: you have nothing without thorough research and facts.

Giustra recalled cutting a deal with Hollywood movie executive Peter Guber, whom Giustra considers one of the best storytellers in the world. Guber apparently got the better of Giustra in that deal, however they became friends. Giustra highly recommends his book, TELL TO WIN, available on Amazon. I just ordered a copy.