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Editor: Adds Peter Epstein’s interview with Powertech/Azarga uranium principal; a fresh look at Stellar Biotech; note on Prophecy Coal at close of report

When a uranium prospector comes in with the final hole of a winter drilling program up north, No. 8 in this case, the icing already is on its Athabasca cake.

If NexGen Energy‘s evidence were lacking, the program — which in total for winter 2013-2014 comes to 17 holes at 7,400 meters — never would have proceeded beyond the first few thousand meters.

The NXE (in Canada) team directed a drill program that is striking what it calls radioactive anomalies on most every rig placement. Leigh Curyer and his geologists and drillers delivered a drill program that is so successful, this final winter hole, published today, was 215 meters from the original Arrow targets.

It pains me to say I did not follow my own “cheap alert” on Jan. 21, 2014, when I penned this report after speaking with NexGen’s principals. The alert to our TCR family occurred well before the Arrow and Rook hits started streaming onto newswires in late February. See: TCR article.

Then, NXE shares were 25 cents, and its principals, including veteran Athabasca staker and property owner Timothy A. Young, and another backer, a writer in Vancouver, Canada, were suggesting me to purchase the shares. Now, the stock is 50 cents, and its $80 million or so market cap is about 5 times the cash it holds for continuing the SW Athabasca Basindrilling. “You have to put this on your list,” said Mr. Young, who is a member of the TCR family.

For his part, the writer in Canada, Tommy Humphreys, was more direct. “Are you an idiot? You should be taking a victory lap.” Both Mr. Young and Mr. Humphrey are youngsters. Relatively, that is. Here is how Tommy Humphreys sees the fresh NXR hole today: article.

I own uranium prospectors, two or three. Not NexGen. I’ll keep my eyes open. In the meantime, I wanted to include links to NexGen’s schematics; if every prospector were as thoughtful, we as investors would have more material upon which to rest our buying and selling decisions. I especially like the graphics on the steep Arrow shear zones.

A geologist up north, asking to remain unnamed, just called in with this: “This area is turning into a district of uranium/showings/discoveries/deposits. This latest is one of minimum half dozen A+ targets on Rook1 property, and NXE has a number of significant other properties hosting numerous other targets. Radio, Thorburn, Rook2 and so on.”

Maybe I will get another chance on behalf of our TCR family.

I am off for a look-see at Desert Star Resources’ copper property in Arizona, USA. Mr. Humphreys will be on the chopper, as will Desert Star CEO Vince Sorace. I tend to think that Mr. Sorace will not refer to me as a blooming idiot, as he wants to show his company’s properties as objectively as he can. Mr. Humphreys, one expects, has no such restraint.

Desert Star’s (DSR in Canada) copper holdings in Arizona come via various earn-in option agreements with Eurasian Minerals (EMXX in USA), whose shares I own.

The projects are in the Superior and Globe-Miami copper districts in Pinal and Gila Counties, Arizona. They are described as targets for porphyry copper mineralization. So this is early stage stuff, and DSR shares reflect that at $5 million. Desert Star also has a Nevada property that it got from Pilot Gold (PLG in Canada), one of our TCR 8.

That is all for now. Except to say, take a look at — a service I am going to visit in LA later in the week. profile at bottom of this TCR report.

Still trying to purchase: Kaizen Discovery (KZD in Canada) — not an easy stock to land.  … Western Lithium shares (WLC in Canada) just hit a fresh high for a $100 million market cap. … Take a look if you would at our Friday report: I think you will see another uranium opportunity that might be worthwhile, if it can consummate various transactions —Powertech/Azarga/Anatolia — operating in Colorado and thereabouts. Seems like Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming and the Dakotas, Utah, too, are seeing investor interest these days: uranium, potash, gold, copper. EPM Mining Ventures, a Utah potash developer, is still on a tear, and once again, we thank the Calgary writer who gifted us that idea.

Stellar Biotechnologies: This is the limpet farmer, discussed in previous reports. I am absolutely not a fan or regular reader of Seeking Alpha, but I pass along a report about the science tht powers the KLH protein. I bought SBOTF (in USA) shares about two months ago at $1.65 Canadian. I know several investors, investment firms and analysts who own large stakes in the California company. See article.


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** Prophecy Coal filed its year-end financial on SEDAR in Canada. I am sorting through shipments of coal, sale of Wellgreen Platinum shares; I do not own the stock as of yet. This is the Mongolia thermal coal operator.