John Hancock (Photo: Perini Michael/The Australian)

John Hancock (Photo: Perini Michael/The Australian)

The New York-based alternative asset manager, The Lind Partners, have announced a unique strategic partnership with John Hancock (the eldest son of Gina Rinehart of Hancock Prospecting, the largest private company in Australia) in which Mr. Hancock will become a consultant to Lind and advise them on investing in the Australian resource sector.  The team at The Lind Partners has been investing in juniors since 2009 they employ a multi-strategy approach to investing.

Mr Hancock has over 20 years of experience in the resources industry (iron ore), financial markets, public relations and capital raising. In his role at Hancock Prospecting, including operational and marketing experience at both successive JV partners to the Hope Downs Iron Ore project-Iscor and Rio Tinto.


The Lind Partners is led by Jeff Easton and Phillip Valliere who, combined, have over 50 transactions totalling $475 million under their belts.  The majority of their deals have been in Australia (40 of the 50), with the remaining spread between Canada and the UK.

Lind's investment team is focused on growing their Canadian and UK businesses and is currently looking to help finance junior resource companies.

The Lind Partners make direct investments, selective on-market trades and participation in brokered/syndicated placements.  They have a unique structured equity deal they offer, (see Olivut announcement), whereby they contractually agree to purchase a certain dollar value of equity each month up to a maximum amount.

They offer gold prepayment loans, convertibles (see their Laramide deal) and they are a rare institutional fund that actively buys out of the open market.

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