miles thompson

Miles Thompson (Linkedin photo)

The last word at Brent Cook’s exploration panel at the Sprott conference last week belonged to geologist Miles Thompson, currently chairman of Resevoir Minerals, developing one of the world’s richest undeveloped copper deposits in Serbia, and is CEO of Lara Exploration, which explores for minerals in Brazil and Peru. Mr. Thompson is someone highly respected by Mr. Cook, and you could sense his long experience was with him in his final words for the impressive panel.

“The longer I do this business the humbler I get. I think exploration is about failing as often as possible as cheaply as possible. It’s such a risky business. You need to organize your life and your business to turn over as many rocks as possible, accept your failures, move on, move to the next thing and not get too hung up on it.”

“If you were successful, you worked the system, if you failed, you were stubborn.”

(Begins at 12:20)

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