Frank Giustra

In the 1980’s, Frank Giustra raised billions for Canadian miners while based out of London. He’s headed back there this December to Keynote a mining conference. (Vintage Giustra photo via Twitter)

Entrepreneur Frank Giustra has helped raise over $3 billion for early stage mining and energy companies, and also founded Lionsgate Films, the world’s leading independent film studio.

Today Giustra provided some exceptional entrepreneurial advice in a interview.

When asked his investment regrets, Giustra said basically all of the companies he created sucked at the beginning.

M&M: And what’s the one investment you most regret?

FG: Almost every company I have launched just moments after its launch. They are all very hard work and each of them will give you a nasty surprise in the early years. Having said that, they usually sort themselves out in time.

The interview was part of promotion for Mines and Money’s December 1-5, 2014 London conference, where Giustra will be speaking for the first time (Conference program).

The mining and movie legend may be making a comeback in the mining industry, having just restructured Catalyst Copper with two other well known mining executives (Details).

Giustra provided Mines and Money with his current outlook on the junior resource sector:

“Patience! Every sector has its day. The higher it goes up (as junior resource market did 2001-2010) the harder it falls and the longer it stays down. Having said that, we are four years into this bear market and the turn is about to happen. There is some crazy value in some of these juniors. PICK RIGHT, SIT TIGHT!”

Here’s Giustra’s Twitter with a link to the Mines and Money interview:

Frank Holmes of US Global Investors and accomplished Vancouver geologist Ross Beaty are among the other speakers at what looks to be a solid event.