Plenty of newsletters writers have been calling the bottom in junior mining shares for the past four years as the shares themselves have gotten cheaper and cheaper, but that doesn’t mean the letter writers should give up on the practice. With each passing year the odds of a rebound become more likely.

I watched the Casey Research Going Vertical video event yesterday evening, which featured Casey video chief Jonathan Roth interview some legends of the junior mining game. Guests included Franco Nevada co-founder Pierre Lassonde, Sprott Global Chairman Rick Rule, Pretivm Resources CEO Bob Quartermain, and US Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes.

The 80+ minute program begins with the Lassonde interview. He is calling the current gold mining market a once in a generation opportunity. He thinks cheap oil will help miners’ production costs “hold the line” over the next few years. He expects the junior market to move up gently in 2015, with surprises to the upside, “big time.” Shares Lassonde mentioned include Foran Mining #FOM and Terranga Gold #TGZ.

Frank Holmes said the Purchasing Manufacturing Index (PMIs) is a simple but important forward looking indicator for commodities. He likes Klondex Mines #KDX for having focused, frugal management.

Going Vertical relives a lot of junior mining success stories. Interestingly Doug Casey said he had a lot easier time remembering the losers “burned in his mind.” Casey feels “small, crappy mining stocks” could go up a lot, but had to hold himself from cracking up as he said that.

Click here to watch Going Vertical.