The Rook I package hosts the Patterson conductor corridor (home of Arrow and PLS) and also 6-7 more (Source: NexGen Energy Ltd.)

The Rook I package hosts the Patterson conductor corridor (home of Arrow and PLS) and also 6-7 more (Source: NexGen Energy Ltd.)

This morning, NexGen Energy (NXE.TSXV) released news that looks significant.

They released 4 new holes (AR-15-39, -39w, 40b and 41) which appear to prove that the A3 shear zone which was only just recently discovered is potentially larger than the A2 shear (which hosts the best-to-date hole AR-14-30).

AR-14-30, which was drilled as the company’s first vertical hole, was drilled at the end of the 2014 drill program and intersected 187m of composite mineralization including 53.8m of off-scale.

One of the holes released this morning (AR-15-41) was an angled hole and hit 202m of composite mineralization including 24.5m of off-scale, which is pretty incredible. Typically, uranium explorers get their best holes in steeply dipping or vertical mineralization with vertical drill holes.  The fact AR-15-41 was angled and is comparable suggests that these sub-vertically stacked mineralized shear zones are thick and are made up of high-grade uranium.

Additionally the company released AR-15-40b which is the first +1m off-scale intersection at the current edge of the northeast boundary extent at Arrow.

Garrett Ainsworth, NexGen’s vice-president, exploration and development, commented: “The high-grade sections of the A2 and A3 shears are taking shape beautifully into what is heading toward a world-class uranium asset in the southwest Athabasca basin. Initial testing of the A3 shear with drill holes AR-15-39, -39w1, and -41 shows A3 is significantly larger in size than A2 and just as mineralized. This coupled with the successful strike of off-scale radioactivity with AR-15-40b at the current northeast edge of Arrow, strongly suggests that Arrow will continue to grow to the northeast.”

NexGen now believes the A3 shear is even larger than the A2 shear (Source: NexGen Energy Ltd.)

NexGen now believes the A3 shear is even larger than the A2 shear (Source: NexGen Energy Ltd.)

According to the company, the dimensions of the A2 shear are 88m strike, 340m vertical extension, with true widths ranging from 11m to 27.5m. NexGen now believes that the A3 shear has an even larger footprint: 73m strike, 420m vertical extension and true widths from 30m to 78.6m.  Although it is still early (especially for the A3 shear) and these mineralized systems tend to pinch and swell, even using conservative inputs for grade, the potential for Arrow to be a world-class uranium deposit clearly exists.

The company also announced it has just mobilized a fourth rig as plenty of other drill targets exist both at Arrow and regionally.

NexGen has yet to announce any radioactivity in regional drill targets which have focused on the 5km strike to the northeast of Arrow heading towards Purepoint/Cameco/AREVA’s Spitfire zone.  Although that is disappointing it shouldn’t be viewed as fatal.  It took Cameco over 200 holes to find McArthur River and Hathor over 60 to hit the J Zone which was sitting right next to Roughrider.  Arrow was discovered with the first hole, but that comes down to luck.

Shares in NexGen are up 6% on the news while Fission who also put out step-out drill hole results from their Tripe R deposit is only up 0.8%.  Leverage is clearly on NexGen’s side as they have the larger land package with plenty of exploration targets and what appears to be a large asset with Arrow.

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