Mr. Jonathan Jones, Investment Advisor, Haywood Securities

Mr. Jonathan Jones, Investment Advisor, Haywood Securities

The following is NOT endorsed by Haywood Securities. This is a genuine testimonial.

When you have a stock broker who is great at finding private placements and proactive in selling winners, you have a much better chance at success in the Canadian venture business. Today we introduce such a broker – Jonathan Jones.

I’ve known Jonathan since he and I used to commute to community college together. We were both pretty typical spoiled twenty-year old punks, and during the 35 minute commute to BCIT we talked about everything.

Admittedly we were more interested in girls and partying than hard work and study, but we did share our career goals, such as they were. I wanted to own an investment firm. Jonathan had a more specific goal: in five years time he wanted to be working for senior broker Mr. NJ at Haywood Securities.

In fact, Jonathan had known Mr. J as a youngster and respected his immigrant success story, not to mention his incredibly warm personality. The young wannabe trainee was also savvy enough to appreciate that Mr. J’s rolodex was enviable – he’s Lukas Lundin’s best friend, for example.

I don’t own an Investment firm yet, (and I sort of like what I’m doing now), but Jonathan went on to become Mr. J’s associate at Haywood Securities five years later, a position he kept from 2008 – 2014.

Since then, Jonathan has experienced both boom and bust years, witnessing first hand the wealth creation of many new startup mining, energy, and technology companies. He’s been involved in the paperwork behind tons of deals, many of them producing much sought after ‘ten-baggers’ for his clients.

Last year, at age 29, Jonathan Jones became a full Investment Advisor at Haywood Securities. He now provides venture investing brokerage expertise – and more conservative portfolio advice – to Canadian and International clients, myself included.

One of the things that sets Jonathan apart from other brokers is customer service. He says he learned how to satisfy clients while working for Mr. J. Whatever a client needs, wherever and whenever, Jonathan is there, by phone (a rare skill for young brokers these days), email, or in person. He is the most client dedicated broker I know.

It was clear from our early days that Jonathan was the kind of person who established and pursued his goals seriously. He had the foresight to see that Mr. J would be an excellent mentor, and the cahones to win himself a place on Mr. J’s team. As he says, working for Mr. J was about the best education a young broker could ask for. With that in place, he is embarking on his next five year plan.

I’m onboard for Jonathan’s now third and current five year plan. To find out what this uniquely charming and savvy broker has to offer, contact