The following interview with CEO.CA Founder and over eater, over achiever, Tommy Humphreys was done in a top secret manner and location to avoid any front running. To be sure, it has been released after market hours. I can’t even begin to tell you how many emails and phone calls I get each week asking me about, “the real’ Tommy Humphreys. Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA (the interviewer), has no prior or existing relationship with Tommy, except that Tommy greatly helped Mr. Epstein in building Little did Tommy know that this piece would end up resembling a roast.

The tone of the interview is entirely the interviewer’s fault as he thought this piece should be overtly promotional–like the man himself! Natural Resource investors desperately need some jocularity, so please read on. Tommy bravely answered each and every question I threw at him.

Click here for the full interview.