Haywood-1-1This week saw the continuation of M&A activity in the junior mining/exploration space with two proposed deals announced during the week (see Page 14), following 15 other similar transactions involving gold juniors over the last 12 months. Many consider such M&A activity a leading indicator for positive sentiment in the mining sector; studies certainly do indicate a clear increase in terms of total transaction volume over the last couple of years (see page 3). Regardless of whether this does signify a turnaround in market sentiment, increased attention in junior mining stocks could garner positive investor sentiment leading to increased liquidity for a cash-strapped junior market. A review of commodities for the week saw precious metals, and gold in particular, down for the week, with gold (â2%), silver (â3.5%), platinum (â4.3%) and palladium (â2%) finishing at $1,178, $15.72, $1,123 and $771 per ounce respectively. In contrast, all the major base metals were up (nickel (á5%), zinc (á1.7%) and lead (á1.6%)), while copper was down (â0.63%), finishing at $2.74 per pound. Iron ore (62% fines) was up slightly (á0.3%), continuing its positive run from last week. Finally, news that the Kagoshima court rejected a residents’ injunction seeking to prevent reactors 1 and 2 at the Sendai nuclear power plant from restarting did little to move the price of uranium, with the UxC BAP of uranium finishing the week down 1.2% at $38.43 per pound.

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