Metals Investor Forum


I had the privilege of attending the Metals Investor Forum 2015 held in Vancouver, BC on Saturday May 30th. The event was well attended with ~350 people. Attendees included retail investors, brokers, company executives, mining engineers, investor relations, accountants, and the odd analyst (blogger).

The conference was put on by the four mining newsletter writers Gwen Preston (Resource Maven), Eric Coffin (Hard Rock Analyst), John Kaiser (Kaiser Research Online), and Brien Lundin (Gold Newsletter).

A nice treat for attendees was the delicious buffet lunch put on by the Pan Pacific staff. As I told Tommy much better than the Kraft Dinner I am eating in this market (haha).

Presenting companies included Pilot Gold, Kaminak Gold, First Mining Finance, Balmoral Resources, Fission 3.0, Pure Gold Mining, Nevsun Resources, Lion Metals, GoldQuest Mining, Excelsior Mining, Sabina Gold & Silver, and InZinc Mining.

  • Each company presenting was hand selected by the writers and has been covered in one or more of the newsletters.
  • Each company was given a 10 minute slot (perfect pitch length) to present to investors their slide decks. For my notes (highlights) on each presentation please visit CEO Chat and search by company symbol with the $ hashtag for example Pilot Gold is $PLG and can be found at$PLG
  • All four letter writers also gave a 20 minute talk on the state of the current markets. The consensus seemed to be we are bouncing along a bottom and investors need to focus on being selective and finding the higher quality names.
  • I was a bit surprised to see seven of the twelve companies attending where development companies.  These seven companies have all  issued a PEA with compelling economics at current metal prices. This for me proved the point of how weak the current exploration market is.

All in all a fantastic conference and thanks to Gwen, Eric,John, Brien, and organizational staff for putting it on. I will be attending any future conferences put on by the group and recommend it to any mining investor.

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This is not investment advice. All facts are to be checked and verified by reader. As always please do your own due diligence. Please go to each companies website and read the disclaimer and forward looking statements.