Joe Mazumdar (Linkedin photo)

Big news in the mining and investment newsletter worlds.

Veteran analyst Joe Mazumdar has left investment bank Canaccord Genuity and joined Brent Cook’s Exploration Insights (“EI”) publication.

EI is a premium weekly newsletter that provides independent research and analysis of early stage mining stocks and is edited by Mr. Cook, a respected and experienced economic geologist.

The news was announced in Sunday’s EI.

Here is Mr. Mazumdar’s introduction by Mr. Cook:

“My view is that the mid-tier miners will offer the best risk-to-reward speculation when the market does begin to turn. These proffer reasonable liquidity and solid assets that should withstand any pummeling the market delivers. It is critical to understand the upsides and downsides of these somewhat larger companies. To that end I am doing the opposite of the industry’s slash and burn strategy, by bringing on a geologist and analyst to strengthen the EI brand.

Joe Mazumdar

I have spent considerable time in the field with Joe, and he has been one of my go-to people for informed opinions on a number of projects. He is a solid and experienced geologist who knows the financial side of the business very well and, better yet, is not coy about saying what he thinks.

Joe got his BSc in geology from the University of Alberta, an MSc in Mining and Exploration from James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, and an MSc in Mineral Economics from the Colorado School of Mines. He has evaluated and explored for a wide variety of deposit types across the globe and worked for some big name companies, including four years with Mount Isa Mines in Australia, and seven years in South America, based out of Argentina (Rio Tinto, IAMGold, North), followed by a three-year stint as Senior Market Analyst for Phelps Dodge, then four years as Director of Strategic Planning for Newmont Mining. His last two gigs were as Senior Mining Analyst, first at Haywood and then CanaccordGenuity in Vancouver.

As my ex-boss Rick Rule says, hire someone smarter than you.”

With the addition of a second experienced analyst, EI is building the go-to mining investment research franchise that is free from investment banking conflicts.

Congratulations to Mr. Mazumdar, Mr. Cook and EI subscribers.

This week’s EI was the longest and most up-beat in years. to subscribe ($140 USD per month)