Allan Laboucan points to the Koyogok high grade gold outcropping discovery made this year by Sabina Gold and Silver at the Sabina Christmas Party in Vancouver on December 17, 2015 while World of Mining enjoys the hospitality.

Stock market commentator Allan Barry Laboucan is one of the most outspoken, controversial, and appreciated members of the community. He makes some great calls, and some bad ones, and takes it all in stride.

Allan made the unfortunate mistake of buying and recommending Rubicon Minerals stock this fall, telling the CEO.CA community his mom was averaging down as RMX shares fell, and teasing analysts who were bearish. Mining analyst Brent Cook’s response is tied for the most popular CEO.CA chat of 2015.

[Brent Cook] @Allan and Mom. I’ve never felt comfortable with the narrow veins and erratic gold presented in the resource report for Phoenix. Add to that ground problems and resultant difficulty in mining and expected higher dilution and it was an obvious pass. $RMX has sunk ~C$685 million in this thing over many years, produced a mediocre PEA and begun mining off that study. As Tim Oliver pointed out, the capex blowout, extended down time and other problems make this marginal, even if they can get it running. Add in the 6% stream to Royal gold, probable need for another financing and I don’t see what the hard part is. Just ‘cause it’s in Canada doesn’t make it a winner. Regards $PVG, I don’t understand the resource methodology and its relation to the real geology—so stayed away. Time may prove me wrong, I hope so. But my experience has been that investing in things you don’t understand usually ends badly.I don’t hate high grade mines, just ones that don’t make money. Nuff said. (Source: 18 likes)

When Laboucan finds a stock he likes, he usually beats the drum for it. This year he predicted Wolfden Minerals shares could fetch $5 eventually, causing one of our more astute contributors to weigh in.

[@90bigpicture] sorry @Allan, but I’m going to call you out on this one… $WLF is 7 cents, ~5mm market cap, if you think that it has the potential to go to 5.00, your calling a 358mm market cap before any dilution…on a 2mm treasury / drill program, on non-virgin ground (people have a sense of what is there)…your suggesting that drilling will deliver 70x returns which just isn’t happening in this market (Source: 15 likes)

IDM Mining CEO Rob McLeod always does his best to bring people together.

[@robmcleod] Hey @Allan, late to the drama here, I just want you to know that although we all disagree often on this site about many things, I think probably all of the regular members of care alot for you, and appreciate your honesty and enthusiasm in junior mining. You are in a unique position that is a rarity: a First Nations explorer and promoter. You are and will continue to be an excellent example of empowering Aboriginal people, particularly in the remote hinterland where we work, that there are opportunities to be more than truck drivers and labourers in the mining business. Combining traditional knowledge, respect for the land, technical knowledge and entrepreneurship is a very powerful combination. I think that we all believe that your should run with this combination. I have some ideas that I’d like to share with you; more positive opportunities than a proxy fight for a struggling junior in a tough market. Pick your battles, but whatever you do, rest assured that most of us have your back (Source: 14 likes)

Only one of my chats made it to the most popular:

[@tommy] Cameco’s former Chief Mine Engineer on why he’s long NexGen $CCO $NXE #uranium (Source: 18 likes)

This was a busy year, and I’ll have to put some more thought into my own 2015 highlights.

Building the product would have to be at the top of my list.

Having a small role in the startup of Lithium X Energy Corp. was definitely a 2015 highlight and will hopefully be a 2016 highlight also.

We published over 50 video interviews this year on our Youtube channel. Here are a few of the most popular:

What are some of your 2015 highlights?

Things are winding down at CEO.CA for 2015, and postings will be light through Jan 2.

There are exciting changes coming in the New Year, and we are looking forward to sharing them with you.

Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays.

Tommy Humphreys and the CEO.CA team

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