Bear Markets

The prices of commodity stocks continue to get crushed in the first couple weeks of the year.

As I see constant red on the screen I am wondering when or if this bear market will ever end?

I tend to look at the current market environment with a glass half full type of attitude. The amount of deals are astounding right now and this is one heck of a buying opportunity in select names if you do the proper research.

I have been focusing on companies with clean balance sheets and immediate upcoming catalysts.

One thing I continue to do in this market environment is invest in myself by consuming as much information as I can.

I continue to spend hours reading press releases, going through company presentations, and listening in on conference calls.

For example today I was listening to presentations from the CIBC 19th Annual Whistler Institutional Investor Conference online. I listened to three presentations this morning on Silver, Base Metals, and Royalty Companies.

This afternoon I will listen in on B2 Gold Corp, Pretium Resources, Tmac Resources, Premier Gold Mines, Detour Gold, and Newmont Mining.

Link here for those interested –

My watch list of companies and knowledge on the sector continues to grow every day.


James Fraser