Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson is pursuing the CPA designation as an auditor at Davidson & Co., the leading service provider for junior mining clients globally. Mr. Nelson has experience working with TSX venture listed explorers in Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Peru, Namibia, Madagascar, West Africa, United States, and Canada reporting under IFRS framework. He is an Executive Officer with Young Mining Professionals a not-for-profit which holds networking events for young professionals in Vancouver's resource sector. His interests are reporting on Canadian precious metal explorers and holding informative interviews with accomplished mining professionals. If involved in junior mining he would love to hear from you at
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POSTED ON August 06, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

Junior miners, especially in bear markets, are all about the people… Wealth Minerals (TSX.V – WML) ( is working to ensure future success by attracting top tier talent with significant experience in Latin America. Yesterday, the company announced that Mr. Xiaohuan (Juan) Tang, B.Eng, M.Eng, M.Sc, M.Phil, is joining the leadership team as a Director… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 05, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

CEO.CA Readers, you should watch this video right now… There’s an old saying in mining: the best place to find a new mine is next to an old one. Integra Gold‘s (TSXv:ICG) Lamaque and Sigma mines in Val-d’Or (direct translation: Valley of Gold), Quebec have produced over 9 million ounces of high-grade gold historically, worth roughly US… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 04, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

Imagine if you could safely walk around town with a 10 Oz gold bar in your pocket which you could use to buy whatever you need in a day.  You could grab your morning coffee, pick up a pizza slice for lunch, load up on groceries to cook the week’s meals, and buy a bouquet… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 13, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

The last 4 years have seen a +75% sell off in the resource sector, and this veteran mining entrepreneur believes its time to capitalize from the carnage. Henk Van Alphen’s Wealth Minerals (TSX WML.V ) has a plan to build a portfolio of gold projects in stable geopolitical jurisdictions with low exploration risk, attractive grade, and potentially low… Continue Reading

POSTED ON June 02, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

This past weekend I attended the Metals Investor Forum hosted by junior mining newsletter writers Gwen Preston (Resource Maven), Eric Coffin (Hard Rock Analyst), John Kaiser (Kaiser Research Online), and Brien Lundin (Gold Newsletter). I had the chance there to speak with Darin Labrenz, CEO of Pure Gold Mining and we discussed their Madsen Project… Continue Reading

POSTED ON May 25, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

The mining industry is all about the people, and as a young professional working in this industry, I’m trying to get to know and associate myself with the best and the brightest. Recently I had the privilege to interview the founding partners of Young Mining Professionals, an association with the sole focus of bringing together Vancouver’s future… Continue Reading

POSTED ON May 12, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

“Over the next 6 weeks we expect to complete construction and commence commissioning of what we believe will be the newest, and one of the largest, industrial gold milling plants in Peru” says Greg Smith, CEO of Anthem United Inc (TSXV:AFY), of their 350 tonne per day Koricancha gold mill. This is a key milestone… Continue Reading

POSTED ON April 10, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

Below is a summarization of an hour long discussion with Henk Van Alphen, CEO, Wealth Minerals (CSE:WML). Thank you for your time Mr. Van Alphen, looking forward to our next discussion. In 1974 a young strapping Hendrik “Henk” Van Alphen arrived in Houston, BC from Holland with a dream of making the wilderness his home… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 16, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you own a smartphone, computer, TV, refrigerator, automobile, and all the myriad of marvelous inventions that those of us in the modern world enjoy, and take for granted. However, there are still hundreds of millions of people who have yet to benefit from these modern amenities in developing nations, namely… Continue Reading

POSTED ON February 18, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

Investing in junior mining is highly speculative, but a thriving business model which significantly de-risks a company in this industry is the prospect generator. A prospect generator partakes in the business of exploration through powerful partner-funded networks to pay for the majority of exploration costs. The core model is to build a portfolio of targets… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 27, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

Clive Johnson is one of very few mining entrepreneurs to have grown an exploration venture into a billion dollar market cap gold producer, not once but twice. He said it was an accident he ended up in the mining business, but Johnson’s first venture Bema Gold, was no accident after it was sold for CAD $3.5B to… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 21, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

There are just a handful of people in the world who have found gold deposits hidden underground profitably. Those that do, often make multiple discoveries. One such goldfinder now entering the sweet spot of his career is Matt Lennox King, 38, CEO of Pilot Gold (TSX: PLG) (, one of the most dynamic mineral exploration… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 07, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

Greg Smith, CEO of Anthem United Inc. ( (TSX.V: AFY) is a Canadian Chartered Accountant (CA) making a name for himself as a rainmaker in the Vancouver exploration industry. With 3 large value transactions under his belt, Mr. Smith has earned a reputation for coming through on promises and acting in the best interests of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 18, 2014 BY Andrew Nelson

There are few mining executives in Canada with the boardroom and community track records of our pal Mike McPhie, Executive Chairman of IDM Mining ( (TSX.V: IDM), Managing Director of JDS Copper and JDS Gold, Chair, BCIT and past Chair, AME BC. Mr. McPhie has over 20 years of global mining experience involving financing, permitting,… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 25, 2014 BY Andrew Nelson

Nolan Watson, CPA, CFA, is one of the most astute CEOs in mining under 40. In 2005, he became the first employee of Silver Wheaton after it was spun out of Ian Telfer’s Goldcorp. Watson was appointed CFO shortly thereafter and the company quickly became the world’s largest silver producer. Watson left Silver Wheaton in 2008 to co-found Sandstorm Gold (TSE:SSL),… Continue Reading