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Bob Moriarty was a Marine F-4B pilot at the age of twenty and a veteran of over 820 missions in Viet Nam. Becoming a Captain in the Marines at 22, he was one of the most highly decorated pilots in the war. He went on to ferry General Aviation aircraft all over the world for 15 years with over 240 over the water deliveries. He holds 14 International Aviation records including Lindbergh's record for time between New York to Paris in two different categories. In 1996 he began an online computer business on the internet with his wife Barbara becoming one of the early adopters of the internet. Convinced gold/silver were at a bottom in 2001, Bob and Barbara started one of the first websites devoted to teaching readers what they need to know about investing in resource stocks. Bob and Barb now operate two resource sites, and where up to 100,000 people a day visit. Bob travels to dozens of mining projects a year and then writes about them. He was one of the first analysts to write about NovaGold, Northern Dynasty, Silver Standard, Running Fox and YGC Resources among many, many others. He claims with some justification that all of his readers are financially better off since they have been coming to his site.
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POSTED ON May 28, 2015 BY Bob Moriarty

Bob Moriarty Archives Back in 1993 silver crashed as low as $3.52 in late February/March. A silver company based in Canada was faced with a serious business decision. What kind of business model do you use when the price of your commodity is sitting at 5000-year lows? A decision was made by the company that… Continue Reading

POSTED ON May 27, 2015 BY Bob Moriarty

Bob Moriarty Archives I’m going to keep saying exactly what I have been saying for years about Red Eagle. They are financed, they are permitted and they will be in production in a year. I wrote about a new gold mining company in Colombia over three years ago named Red Eagle (RD-V) that went public… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 03, 2014 BY Bob Moriarty

I have written at some considerable length about Novo’s Witwatersrand lookalike gold project in Western Australia. Rather than rehash what I have repeated again and again, I suggest interested readers go back and read what I have written before. Basically Quinton Hennigh believes the gold mineralization in the Witwatersrand and the Pilbara basin is identical.… Continue Reading