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POSTED ON July 09, 2012 BY Tommy Humphreys

Unions threaten to shut down the Norwegian’s golden goose. Globe and Mail Josh likes stocks for the second half. Reformed Broker QE1-2 Operation Twist(s) Market Impact. The Big Picture Barkerville (BGM.v) and the burden of proof (from IKN166). Inca Kola News How self promoting recruiters assess the value of an MBA. Business Insider Visuals: how mining drills… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 06, 2012 BY Tommy Humphreys

If a recent 43-101 report proves accurate, the next round of drinks may be on controversial Vancouver gold mining promoter Frank Callaghan. Image:HiAlpha As the chief promoter and CEO of Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd over the past 18 odd years, Frank Callaghan has fostered a mixed reputation, and it’s not just for his penchant for… Continue Reading

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