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POSTED ON January 04, 2016 BY Kip Keen

Today I join the team. On the one hand it’s a seamless shift for me. As at Mineweb and the Northern Miner, my previous homes as a writer and editor, I’ll be helping the team produce crack stories about exploration and entrepreneurs. On the other hand it’s a new adventure. Tommy and his… Continue Reading

POSTED ON February 09, 2015 BY Peter Epstein

I, Peter Epstein, have no financial interest of any kind with CEO Chat. Rarely do I write about an informative, helpful, free, easy to use investment focused application. Why? Because I’m usually disappointed with how important company developments, industry commentary and articles/interviews get disseminated. The time it takes me to stumble upon high quality content… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 08, 2015 BY Tommy Humphreys

CHAT.CEO.CA is now live… I have a confession to make: ¬†I have never been a confident writer. ¬†Seriously, for someone who is supposed to be a blogger, I am finding increasingly that I often spend hours editing sometimes even the most basic of posts, with the outcome being only marginally better than the original. The… Continue Reading

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