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POSTED ON January 07, 2016 BY James Fraser

Good morning, As the markets continue a freefall in most sectors, except for gold (back over US$1,100) and gold stocks, a couple news releases caught my eye this morning. Claude Resources (CRJ:TSX) – Saskatchewan’s only publicly traded gold producer is out with 2015 annual results and guidance for 2016.  Production for the year was 75,748 ounces, a… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 07, 2015 BY James Fraser

A look at my top mining new releases out this morning with some additional comments on each. TMAC Resources – (TMR:TSX) – The only Canadian mining IPO of 2015 has started trading under the symbol TMR. TMAC Resources is focused on building Canada’s next gold mining district in Hope Bay, Nunavut. The project was purchased from… Continue Reading

POSTED ON June 05, 2015 BY James Fraser

With the gold price down to $1170 per ounce this morning with positive job numbers out of the United States. I decided this morning to take a quick look at 5 gold producers who are making money at the current gold price. For my quick analysis I looked at the Q1 results of each company… Continue Reading

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