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POSTED ON May 08, 2015 BY Jamie Keech

If you’re reading this blog you likely have more than a passing interest in the mining industry. And if you work or invest in the space you’ve likely spent the last several years trying to do one or more of the following: keep your job, find a new job, or slow the inevitable hemorrhaging of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 26, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

You see the babes in the picture just above? They are my 82 year old mother, Maureen, alongside her 100 year old mother, Dorothy. The picture was taken last weekend at a family party to celebrate Dorothy’s 100th birthday, an event we have all been looking forward to. And it was quite a party. The… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 25, 2014 BY Chris Parry

If you’ve been watching the medical marijuana market from afar these last few months, wondering when the rubber might hit the road (or if it might skid off into a wall), today is the day that many of your questions will be answered. In the movie business, the last thing you want is two huge blockbusters… Continue Reading

POSTED ON February 03, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

We recently had a chat with management over at Pinetree Capital (PNP.TO) and they were very optimistic about a handful of diverse investments they’ve made in the cloud computing (LeoNovus, LTV.V), microprocessors (Poet Technologies, PTK.V) and bio-tech (Lorus Therapeutics, LOR.TO) spaces. As a brief primer, Pinetree is a diversified investment and venture capital firm focused… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 17, 2014 BY Michael Allison

iPosture. Ever heard of it? It’s the hunch in your spine that forms from too much time slumped in front of a computer or squinting at a smartphone. With daily physio exercises, you can halt or reverse this condition. But a kink in your spine is not the only thing that sitting like this will… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 08, 2014 BY Thom Calandra

On Fire: ALQA, CUR, SVV, BCRX, Gold & More THE CALANDRA REPORT: Subscribe We send this update from Active Trading Partner’s David Banister, whose analysis thus far is superb. We have been tracking the 48-year-old New England writer’s work on ALQA for about four weeks. Also, CUR. Plus: metals equities, including Almaden Minerals (AAU in… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 03, 2014 BY Thom Calandra audience, we exhibit several items direct from The Calandra Report. Thom Calandra will be visiting regularly. His TCR audience is active and pays as much as $101 yearly for the twice-weekly TCR reports, Each of the following items should serve an audience looking for a short fuse on a trade. Our audience… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 19, 2013 BY Thom Calandra

THE CALANDRA REPORT: Subscribe $91 yearly Also: Sysorex Global, Inovio Pharma Solvista Gold corners Iamgold into a porphyry partnership at Caramanta in Colombia. Takeways: Breathing room for Solista’s Miller O’ Prey and Jeffrey Miller. Bob Allen’s Grupo de Bullet owns a hunk of Solvista (SVV in Canada). Solvista is one of our TCR 8 It… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 06, 2013 BY Thom Calandra

THE CALANDRA REPORT: Subscribe $91 yearly Topics: Coastal Contacts, Inovio, American Sands, Stockr, Mason Graphite, Tembo, GSV & Sunny LA LOS ANGELES — Just back from getting my batteries charged at LD Micro in Bel Air. About 240 companies — four or five gold | a dozen energy | and the rest Biomedical, Internet, retail,… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 20, 2013 BY Thom Calandra

THE CALANDRA REPORT: Subscribe $91 yearly SAN DIEGO — Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO in USA), a DNA vaccine developer I sidestepped for four years, is having success with a Middle Eastern virus. INO shares are raging today. Inovio’s J, Joseph Kim, via a persistent biz-dev executive, Bernie Hertel, has been on me, professionally, since 2009. Inovio… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 10, 2013 BY James Altucher

I will tell you. Step one. Figure out an area that is “hot”. For instance, Facebook marketing is inning one. Better tests  for personalized diagnostics of age-related diseases is in inning one. Understanding the root causes of depression is in inning one. Combining mobile with social is in inning one. Self-publishing your book and marketing… Continue Reading

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