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POSTED ON March 05, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

In an exclusive interview to CEO.CA, LX-Ventures (LXV) CEO Mike Edwards asks investors for patience and defends his company’s execution in light of its recent 60% share price fall. Edwards says LXV has no plans for future acquisitions or financings until a “business model validating event’ occurs whereby one of LXV’s portfolio companies is sold… Continue Reading

POSTED ON February 26, 2014 BY Chris Parry

The picture above is apropos. Because it appears the person shown is setting fire to cheap paper. LX Ventures (TSXV:LXV) was seen by many as the ascending tech rocket that would boost the local sector. CEO Mike Edwards is a renowned tech player, he’s got nice exits behind him, and witht he Mobio social media platform,… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 06, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys, a Toronto-based video sharing service with sixty million users users worldwide (15 million of which are active monthly), burst onto the social media scene in 2011, tantalizing private tech sector investors with a billion dollar valuation trajectory. Unfortunately, as Keek maneuvered to grow with an expanding global user base outside of North America and… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 28, 2013 BY Tommy Humphreys

The Canadian retail speculator isn’t dead, they just don’t give a damn about mining anymore. LX-Ventures (TSXV:LXV), a publicly traded technology VC founded by Keir Reynolds and led by CEO Mike Edwards, has been on an absolute tear recently, climbing over 600% in 40 days on very strong volume (9 million shares yesterday, for example).… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 24, 2013 BY Tommy Humphreys

There’s a growing rotation of capital flows being diverted from resources stocks to the tech world lately, and many entrepreneurs have jumped on the bandwagon, starting a host of technology ventures. And more are sure to follow. After all, “Give ‘em what they want” is the old promoter’s adage. If you’re looking on keeping up… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 19, 2013 BY Tommy Humphreys

The unapologetic promoter behind Newstrike Capital and other ventures shares his latest and greatest ideas. TH: Keir, last year you were pitching us on a web startup called Stockmash, which aimed to crowd source investment ideas. What’s the latest there? KR: Ah, yes, I sold it to another company last year that was more advanced in crowdsharing… Continue Reading

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