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POSTED ON October 21, 2015 BY Jamie Keech

Almost exactly 2 years ago, CEO.CA correspondent Jamie Keech interviewed Liberal natural resources critic Geoff Regan about the party’s ideas on natural resources development, the environment, First Nations and more. The Liberal party won a majority of seats in Monday’s federal election and while Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau will not name a cabinet until Nov.… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 27, 2014 BY CEO Technician

October has been a bad month for natural gas and there might be more to come. The breakdown from the 10-week descending triangle indicates a downside target of at least $3.40: Click to enlarge Large natural gas storage builds also present a significant headwind for the market – from Morgan Stanley: December has been the worst… Continue Reading

POSTED ON May 06, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Malcolm Shaw is looking at a modern-day map to buried treasure. He sees a company operating a shale-oil well that has tested at a free-flow rate of 590 barrels per day, a junior producer in Argentina working naturally fractured shale, an unrecognized frack sand resource, and a company that owns one of the most exciting… Continue Reading

POSTED ON April 01, 2014 BY Frank Holmes

By Frank Holmes CEO and Chief Investment Officer U.S. Global Investors Commodity returns vary wildly, as experienced resource investors can attest and our popular periodic table illustrates. This inherent volatility can spell opportunity for the nimble investor who can look past the mainstream headlines to identify hot spots. Our global resources expert, Brian Hicks, CFA,… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 25, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Keith Schaefer’s Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin Premium Edition is rapidly becoming one of the most influential investment newsletters in the world. Why? Subscribers are getting really rich from the picks – more on that in a second. It’s very entertaining and informative to read and written in plain speak. Keith’s completely transparent and honest,… Continue Reading

POSTED ON February 24, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

I highly recommend readers who will be in Toronto this weekend to check out an exclusive and boutique investment conference happening at the Downtown Toronto Hilton on Richmond Street West this Saturday March 1, 2014, the day before the PDAC convention begins. The 2014 Subscribers Investment Summit is hosted by three of the junior resource sector’s most… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 06, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Peyto Exploration and Development Corp. (PEY.TO) has been one of the best performing energy names, developing unconventional natural gas in Alberta’s Deep Basin. The company receives a lot of credit from investors, with Hedgeye Risk Management energy analyst Kevin Kaiser chiming in this morning, “It’s one of the most shareholder-friendly management teams in the entire… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 12, 2013 BY Travis McPherson

Albania’s largest foreign investor, Bankers Petroleum (BNK:TSX) is continuing to bet on its Albanian oilfields by announcing they intend to spend at least $313 million in capital next year up from the $247 million the company spent in 2013.  The bulk, $216 million, is to be spent on drilling 150 to 170 wells on the… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 05, 2013 BY Thom Calandra

Calandra: Junior Miners Need Consolidating By Hannah Tool | Index Universe Thom Calandra was co-founder and chief columnist of MarketWatch before it was sold to Dow Jones in 2005. After taking a few years off, he returned with The Calandra Report, a mining-focused newsletter. Calandra spoke to IndexUniverse contributing writer Hannah Tool about the downturn of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 27, 2013 BY CEOEditor

Anchor Andrew Bell sported an arm sling on his Commodities program on BNN television earlier, citing a cycling accident. The show must go on, however and three CEOs joined Bell this morning to tell their stories. Brian McLachlan, President and CEO of Yoho Resources (TSXV:YO), was the first guest on the program. Yoho are developing oil… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 18, 2013 BY CEO Technician

Interesting news hit the tape on Friday regarding a potentially massive conventional natural gas reservoir in the lower St. Lawrence area of Quebec – shares of tiny Venture listed Petrolympic Ltd. have jumped as much as 700% on the news and reached levels the stock hasn’t seen since 2009: Click to enlarge Veteran energy investors will… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 12, 2013 BY Travis McPherson

Ray Smith’s Madalena Energy (MVN:TSX) has released results from their unconventional oil wells in the Paddle River area of west-Central Alberta.  Production began in early November and during a nine-date test, the horizontal Ostracod oil well flowed at an average rate of 658bpd and 871Mscfd of natural gas for a total of 803boepd.  After accounting… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 05, 2013 BY Travis McPherson

On the west coast of British Columbia, onshore LNG terminals and pipelines to feed those terminals have become a media and political hot potato, with environmentalists increasing the instability of these projects which can cost $50-$60 billion.  In Colombia, Pacific Rubiales (PRE:TSX) announced this morning that they have executed a heads of agreement for a… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 15, 2013 BY Travis McPherson

Resource consulting firm, Wood Mackenzie put out a report Monday stating that by 2020, coal will surpass oil as the key fuel for the global economy.  Global coal consumption is expected to rise by 25% on the backs of China and India as they fill demand for cheaper energy sources to meet their fuel needs.  By… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 05, 2013 BY Tommy Humphreys

To my friends, I want to tell you about Keith Schaefer’s LNG Investment Conference in Vancouver on September 25. This is a one day, high end show which will give you insight into BC’s boom sector, Liquid Natural Gas, as well as face time with credible executives building wealth in LNG for themselves and for… Continue Reading

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