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POSTED ON November 27, 2015 BY James Fraser

At the recent Precious Metals Summit in Zurich on Nov. 4, Gianni Kovacevic hosted a fireside chat with two of the most successful mining entrepreneurs in our history: Ross Beaty and Lukas Lundin. Mr. Kovacevic is chairman of CopperBank (CBK:CSE), which is accumulating copper deposits in this market. I watched the hour-long discussion and wanted to summarize… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 17, 2015 BY James Fraser

One thing is for sure the junior mining market continues to struggle as we have had four consecutive down years on the TSX Venture (2011-2014) and 2015 is not off to a promising start.  Legendary mining financier and company builder Ross Beaty has been one of the few who is actively putting money to work and… Continue Reading

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