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POSTED ON October 08, 2012 BY Tommy Humphreys

One of the most common ways to become wealthy is to come up with an idea that requires capital (such as buying a building or a company) and pitch it to a sophisticated investor. If the investor wants to back the idea, the pitcher may get a piece of the action for coming up with… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 06, 2012 BY Tekoa Da Silva

Buying Into Panic Can Pay Millions–And Sometimes Billions–If You Have The Guts. The hypnotizing stench of market pessimism never ceases to amaze me. It wraps itself around it’s victims like a heavy smoke—choking them into a deep financial slumber. Some wake up weeks, months, or years later, dazed and confused, while others simply perish. Optimism… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 16, 2012 BY Tommy Humphreys

A conversation between mining legend Ross Beaty and Casey Research chairman Doug Casey at last month’s #WRIC12. For those of you who were not in attendance, here are two of my friends and heroes, mining legend Ross Beaty and Casey Research Chairman Doug Casey, having a conversation about how to get rich at last month’s… Continue Reading

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