Rory McIlroy Wins the PGA Championship. WSJ

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Egypt president sweeps out army rulers in hopefully a peaceful end to 60 years of military leadership there. Reuters

Five years on, the Great Recession is turning into a life sentenceTelegraph

“Is this not overdone?” The European financial sector is now smaller than Australia’s! Pragmatic Capitalism

PIMCO’s El Erian – Bad Policy, Worse MarketsForeign Policy

Facebook Inc. (FB)’s stock plunge has robbed Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) of much of the potential gain they could unlock as soon as this week, when a ban on sales of insiders’ shares begins to liftBloomberg

“It is simply amazing to see professional engineers and geologists planning and designing technical mining reports for operations that are based on 25, 50 and 100 year life spans (such as the Alaska Pebble Project) without a comprehensive consideration of the future energy supply… Future world energy constraints will impact the production of silver in a larger degree than gold. As the world finally catches on to the fact that silver production will decline greater in percentage than gold, its value will more than likely increase to a greater extent than gold.” Why Is Future Silver Supply More at Risk than Gold? Market Oracle

Today Barkerville Gold Mines ($BGM.v) anticipated 43-101 technical report for the Cow Mountain project is due to be filed with the TSX-Venture Exchange. To quote a friend, “(CEO) Callaghan is about to get very rich or go to jail.” I doubt either scenario, and expect some sort of ‘unanticipated delay’ with the filing… James Fraser doesn’t buy it. Neither do most others. Here’s Otto’s odds. Personally I’m pulling for BGM, but have avoided the shares.

Want to be a financial adviser? Read this first. Wall Street firms don’t train their young workers, they massacre them. Josh Brown. Christian Science Monitor

I’m not sharing this. Platitudes, common sense, and five years too late. Bankers should be paid less, says new Barclays chairmanIndependent

For oil driller Harold Hamm, Bakken boom brings more billions and a chance to dabble in politics. Washington Post

Brazilian Tycoon Batista to Invest $6 Billion in MalaysiaIW

Meet the average Chinese millionaire: 39, plays golf, and owns an iPadFP

How Andrew Jackson Killed the Second Bank of the United StatesJesse

Fussbudget – How Paul Ryan captured the G.O.P. New Yorker

The Pope drops Catholic ban on condoms in historic shift. Telegraph

Burgundy booms as fine wine index retreats. Telegraph