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“What is truly astonishing, especially for someone of his youth, is Tommy’s confidence and depth of understanding about the personal relationship nature of business. As has been pointed out, he approaches every connection as a personal one and lets his real interest in them shine. He is of course very strategic and tactical, but not in a cold, calculated, business-only way. Rather, he actually cares about the people with whom he becomes involved, from his own employees, to clients, and even mere acquaintances. He’s an old soul. Knowing him is a continuing revelation. He has shown me that us old dogs can learn a few new tricks.” Tony Wanless, Columnist, Financial Post

“Tommy is the quintessential business man. He follows through relentlessly, goes far out of his way to connect people, and is always candid. Tommy’s views on business feel like they come from another era. While many young entrepreneurs are cold and transactional, Tommy treats every deal as a step in a relationship. It is as refreshing as it is rare. He understands the benefits of doing good for others, and is always happy to help people rise up in the world with him. He opens doors, both figuratively and literally. There is no doubt that Tommy adds value to the lives of those around him.” Nick Molnar, Co-Founder, Wantering

“You need to know who Tommy Humphreys is. During the short time I’ve known him, he’s somehow earned a deep level of my trust–this is very rare. He’s adding value and new relationships to my life, while working and thinking of ways to help me achieve my dreams. You can’t put a price tag on that.” Tekoa Da Silva, Publisher, BullMarketThinking.com

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