Junior mining needs an ad network.

Recently I asked a prominent US financial blogger if he would sell me a “Sponsored Post” to help one of my venture investments tell their story.

The post was credible and I was responsible for its quality. I also wanted to help the publisher make some money, but he shut me down. He told me “You don’t get how blogging works” and “Your email address will no longer be accepted by our server.”

While many mainstream publishers don’t want anything to do with Canadian resource stocks, the vast majority of these companies are fully regulated public venture opportunities.

The financial blogosphere needs a “Promoted Post” ad-serving network that connects independent writers with legitimate public venture companies requiring exposure. Quality control could be simple with a managing editor trained in regulatory basics.

Like BuzzFeed embeds sponsored content (see “Good Parenting…” below), the financial media should get paid well too.

Photo: Buzzfeed Promoted Content

Photo: Buzzfeed Promoted Content

Can responsible Canadian junior resource companies go mainstream in the US, or is this just wishful thinking?

Are there any web developers out there who want to build this with me?