Rick-Rule (1)

Rick Rule’s conference in Vancouver this past week was just what the junior mining sector needed.

Independent individual investors from nearly every corner of the globe met face to face with and heard from an extremely high quality group of executives from companies that have survived and thrived despite the past three year’s resource bear market.

The group heard from sector legends like Robert Friedland, Rick Rule and Dave Lowell saying that this is what a bottom feels like.

This was the best non bank conference we have had the privilege to attend, and I think its timing will play out extremely well for investors who get involved with some of the companies over the summer that is upon us.

For those of you who were unable to attend, Agora Financial has put together a special report as well as audio recordings from all four days of the conference.

The package is just $149 here if you buy before July 29, 2014, a small price to pay (tickets were $699).


h/t Henry Bonner