Want to get rich? This guy already is rich and wants a copywriting protege.

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There’s a potentially life changing job opportunity at hand for an imaginative, entrepreneurial writer.

The position is with Marin Katusa of Casey Research, one of the most successful young executives in Vancouver, Canada, though very few people know him outside of the finance industry.

Marin’s a 36 year old mining entrepreneur, energy analyst, and hedge fund manager. He’s a self made multi-millionaire from scratch with an incredible network for wealth creation in natural resources, and direct response marketing.

He’s looking for a copywriter to help him sell his energy newsletters to other rich investors. His firm, Casey Research, already has hundreds of thousands of customers.

Investment Newsletters are typically sold by telling long, powerful stories, and including lots of background research, with the benefits of subscribing.

It’s copywriting within a finance, natural resources and wealth creation lens.

The candidate must have skill in persuasion writing, and an ability to pull ideas from conversations with Marin to form compelling written arguments.

“I don’t need a PhD in english, I need a hustler with an imagination,” Katusa said by email.

This won’t be an easy Job, as Katusa is likely to be a demanding boss, however the opportunity is legitimate.

“I’m looking for a FT writer who wants to ruin his personal life for the next 5 years to make a bundle.”

Knowing Marin, I would imagine that the right candidate could earn five million over the next five years in this position, not to mention other benefits:

  • Work side-by-side a young mine builder/hedge fund manager. Learn his secrets for wealth creation in natural resources and publishing;
  • Meet an incredible global network of investing gurus, billionaires, publishers and celebrities; and
  • Did I mention five million in five years!?

“The base pay will be competitive, but the real juice is the bonus and upside,” Katusa said.

The Casey Research platform has all kinds of tools available to the right candidate, including:

  • Copywriting mentors;
  • Brilliant researchers to provide substance for your core ideas;
  • Huge lists to test your ideas; and
  • Appetite for risk and patience for failure.

This job is not for everyone. You will need to perform, work extremely hard, and work one on one with a challenging, at times aggressive person (Katusa).

But the upside is huge: the person who spends the next five years with Marin is going to be extremely successful.

If this is you, send an email with where you’re at with your career, a few copywriting samples, and a link to your latest resume or Linkedin profile.

If you want to really hit it out of the park consider re-writing any of Casey’s sales copy (Marin’s 4 products here) and sharing it with them.

Here’s a letter from the Casey CEO about the opportunity: Can You Keep Up With A Billionaire?