James Fraser and I were manning the CEO.ca booth at the recent Cambridge House Vancouver Resource Investment conference, when exploration guru Brent Cook showed up with a friend of his, Mr. Steve Nano, president and CEO of Mirasol Resources (MRZ.V).

Cook said we need to follow what Mirasol is doing.

Fortunately Carter Smith was close-by with his video camera, and we shot a short interview with Steve.

Here is the transcript:

In the context of challenges that Mirasol and the industry in general will face this year, I think the global financial situation will be something that impacts our industry, commodity prices, and access to risk capital for exploration.

Mirasol to a large degree is insulated from some of those impacts in that we are well funded and we will not be needing to raise capital, but that will always affect the share price and the interest in the market in general.

It’s important for Mirasol to make sure that it stands out from its competitors. That it’s delivering high quality results on high calibre projects so that it can attract investment even at this difficult time from shareholders.

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