Kip Keen at Mineweb has a new interview with Dave Lowell, Chairman & CEO of Lowell Copper (TSXV:JDL), discussing the Ricardo property in Chile.

Finding an ore body at Ricardo will be challenging, Lowell says. “We're looking for vertical tabular slabs of ore with no alteration halo on either side and it probably will be deep, which makes the holes more expensive.”

Lowell again slagged geophysics. “One of my strategies is not to worry too much about earlier analysis, especially geophysical surveys that have poor track records."

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Disclosure: We own the shares of Lowell Copper and made this short film about CEO Dave Lowell, Mining's Greatest Explorer, in January, 2013.


Ricardo project as seen from the air with Chuquicamata deposit to the north and interpretation of West Fault in blue. (Source: Ramon Fam R., 2004, Rockwell report)