Doug Casey

Three years ago I saw author Doug Casey walking down the street in Vancouver wearing a red Hawaiian shirt and I stopped him, said I was a fan of his writing, and asked for an interview. He was extremely nice and agreed, and we taped one shortly thereafter, my first ever interview. The traffic results took us all by surprise; with a plug from some 70,000 people saw the interview. Casey told me it was the best one he'd ever done, save for the one with Phil Donahoe in 1980. I had never seen that interview before today, when Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante found it and posted it to Youtube. Have a watch to see how little has changed in 34 years, especially of Casey's views. Note if you had listened to him and bought gold in 1980, you would have had a rough decade as an investor.

And here's the September 10, 2011 interview we taped together (Cambridge House).