Lawrence Roulston,

Lawrence Roulston,

Natural resources are an extremely risky and volatile segment of the markets. To increase your odds in this dangerous but sometimes spectacularly profitable space, you will want to rely on some expert help.

Start with Lawrence Roulston, geologist and private equity investor, who has found 6 such 50 baggers in his 18 years of editing Resource Opportunities, our flagship publication.

Lawrence continues to travel the world in search of mining investment opportunities, and is at the top of our pyramid for evaluating promising early stage natural resource stocks.

Coming back to finding the next big one, you're going to need three of Canada's most prolific resource bloggers, Tommy Humphreys (that's me), Travis McPherson and James Fraser, to watch the wires, and keep in constant contact with the leading executives and financiers, to uncover speculative trading ideas for you.

Don't forget timing. You'll want to want to wait for the longest mining bear market in decades to start placing your bets.

At the recent Subscriber Investment Summit in Vancouver, I had the chance to talk about the future of and Resource Opportunities.

Here's my short speech at the conference, introduced by none other than Lawrence:

Yesterday we published a Halloween edition of Resource Opportunities, and commented on a few of the companies we were buying amid the turmoil in the mining markets last week. The newsletter also includes Lawrence's advice for knowing which companies to sell, even at current, depressed levels.

Go to the Resource Opportunities subscribe page for immediate access to all of our premium content.

At first glance it may appear to be the worst time to be invested in resource stocks, but it may actually be the best time.

Thanks for being with us,

Tommy Humphreys