This morning, Resource Opportunities, a subscriber-supported investment newsletter founded by geologist Lawrence Roulston in 1998, appointed its next editor, Mr. James Kwantes, currently mining reporter with Vancouver Sun and editor of the World of Mining blog.

I know this because I recruited him for the position, having been working with Lawrence Roulston to revive Resource Opportunities since last Summer.

James and I have been close friends and associates for five years since I helped him establish the World of Mining blog. He has been an invaluable editor and source of council to me in the years I have built up, and is absolutely determined to make a success of Resource Opportunities.

Here's the note I sent to subscribers this morning, introducing James:

James Kwantes

James Kwantes

Dear valued subscribers,

I have very good news about the future of this newsletter to share with you today. I also have a number of company updates and developments with Resource Opportunities companies.

As founder of CEO.CA, a digital business media startup, I’m overseeing the rapid growth of our new Canadian investor app,

Three talented Vancouver-based web developers and myself are experimenting with new messaging technology, specifically for junior resource investors. The users are playing an important role as well, providing feedback for continual improvements.

In recent weeks, Resource Opportunities has not been getting the attention it deserves.

Resource Opportunities’ founder, Lawrence Roulston, has also been busy building up a mining private equity firm with Quintana Resources Capital ULC. While Lawrence is able to provide as-needed technical advice for this newsletter, he and I both realized you deserve a dedicated editor.

Lawrence and I are proud to introduce James Kwantes as the next Editor of Resource Opportunities. James is someone who has subscribers’ best interests at heart and will help us profit greatly as the junior mining bull market inevitably returns.

James is the mining reporter at the Vancouver Sun, the city’s paper of record. A journalist with over 20 years of experience, James has interviewed a long list of executives, financiers and minefinders. In my five years of close friendship with James, he’s shown focus on only the highest-quality mining projects and management teams (including firms like Pretium Resources, Kaminak Gold and North Arrow Minerals, of late).

It’s important for you to know we recruited James because he is honest; he made the conscious decision to keep his independence from stock promoters, making him unique among mining writers.

James Kwantes is fully invested in making profits for subscribers. He is dedicated to identifying under-the-radar and high-quality junior mining companies, and has the help of a quality network of geologists, engineers and analysts, including Lawrence, to help with critical technical due diligence.

Ongoing, I will assist James with marketing and proactively share my top exploration ideas with him. You will always still be able to find me at and, where we discuss many Resource Opportunities companies.

The Jack Nicklaus of newsletter writers was one of Lawrence’s contemporaries, Mr. Bob Bishop, who discovered countless major junior mining successes before the mainstream, and was wise enough to retire in 2007, at the top of the market. Mr. Bishop accomplished great success as a newsletter writer without a background in mining; he was a journalist, able to tell both sides of a story while educating readers.

I’m not saying James is going to win 18 major championships, or even come close to Mr. Bishop’s accomplishments. But I do think he is the best person in the world to be running this newsletter, and I am excited for what he can accomplish for subscribers, especially given the current low point in the mining cycle.

Please join me in welcoming our new editor, James Kwantes. He is taking subscriber emails and feedback at For subscription-related inquiries, please email

And with that I’d like to hand it off to James.

James is already off to the races, commenting decisively on several junior prominent junior mines in this morning's issue.

There's a 30 day money-back-guarantee offered for test-driving Resource Opportunities ($299/year here), and junior mining investors should consider subscribing.

Here's to the start of something good,

Tommy Humphreys