Canadian stocks are priced in real-time based on investor interpretation of all publicly available information.

Investors can and should apprise themselves of important information about the companies they own (including through brokers) by reading relevant filings for a balanced description of the business, financial statements and even management compensation details. Investors should also keep track of a company’s press releases. This is especially important for small-cap TSXV and CSE stocks, as the smaller the market cap of the stock, the more material its news flow generally is.

Fortunately services like Stockwatch and Yahoo Finance help connect investors with press releases and company filings easily.

There’s another very important data set investors should monitor: insider trade filings.

There are countless reasons why an insider would sell his or her own shares, from tax planning to the purchase of a vacation home. However there’s generally only one reason why insiders buy: they think their stock is going up.

All Canadian public company directors and senior officers are required to file their insider trades with SEDI, the official reporting system. CEO.CA has recently teamed up with SEDI to offer free insider trade alerts in our new app, CHAT.CEO.CA, or “CEO.CA” in the Apple and Android app stores. Insider trade data is posted to each company page every night at midnight.


Screenshot from CEO.CA Chat

Users can opt-in to receive notifications from their favourite stocks, and if one of the companies they are monitoring has an insider trade, an alert is issued. That means you can be sitting on a beach in Hawaii and if the CEO of your favourite deal is buying or selling stock, you’ll be among the first to know.

Also, CEO.CA company pages contain valuable information shared from our 30,000 strong community of speculators. This community information together with insider trades goes a long way to giving Canadian stock investors a competitive advantage.

To find a company room, use the link, so for Ivanhoe Mines (Symbol IVN), the link is and so on. To opt-in for notifications, tap the bell icon in the header.

The stock market can be a scary place, but having relevant and timely information can help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs. Get your free account at and start monitoring insider trades for your favorite stocks. There are a lot more free investor tools to come, not to mention high-quality users participating.