Clive Johnson: buying Uracan stock

Clive Johnson: buying Uracan stock

Some insider transactions of note from overnight, with a focus on stock purchases in the public market. Did I miss anybody interesting? Let me know, and track what the insiders are doing using the black Insiders tab at CEO Chat.

Uracan (URC-V): Chairman Clive Johnson picked up more shares Tuesday, buying 312,000 shares at 2 cents. That takes his stake above 12 million, or more than 16% of outstanding shares. In the past month the B2Gold chairman has been a steady acquirer of Uracan, which has properties in Saskatchewan and Quebec and hasn't published any news releases in the last few months. Uracan has 72M shares out and last traded at .02, for a market cap of $1.44 million.

Wealth Minerals (WML-V): CEO and president Henk van Alphen bought 15,000 shares at 15.5 cents. Van Alphen, a Dutch immigrant, is a mining veteran with a long track record in South America, including involvement with Corriente Resources (Taca Taca) and Cardero Resources (One of his first jobs after graduating university was with Clive Johnson's Bema Gold). Wealth Minerals has options on gold projects in Quebec and Peru and a silver project in Mexico. Van Alphen owns, directly and indirectly, more than 5% of outstanding shares. Wealth has 40.4M shares out and trades at 17.5c, for a MC of about $7 million.

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Eurasian Minerals (EMX-V): Major shareholder Paul Stephens was adding to his stake in the project generator, purchasing 38,100 shares at prices between 41 and 43 cents US. Eurasian has a large project portfolio as well as royalty cash flow from Nevada's Carlin trend. In December Eurasian announced initial shipment from a lead-zinc-silver mine in Turkey that it holds a 4% NSR on. With 73.5M shares out at 65 cents, Eurasian's market cap is about $48 million.

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