Brent Cook of Exploration Insights newsletter spent several minutes this morning on BNN's Commodities show talking junior mining stocks with host Andrew Bell.

Mr. Cook has been negative on the gold price in the last couple years but is warming up to the space and believes that gold will end the year higher in 2016. With geopolitical issues, Asian demand, U.S. growth slowing, and the Fed probably not increasing rates again, Cook believes that gold has likely bottomed.

Mr. Cook and Mr. Bell got right to it with some top stock ideas in the junior gold space. Companies mentioned were all prospect generators. Prospect generators spread the risk by having several projects and using other people's (companies') money to test those projects.

Companies touched on included Mirasol Resources, Evrim Resources, Lara Exploration, Millrock Resources, Riverside Resources, and Miranda Gold.

Two of those companies presented at the Metals Investor Forum on Saturday and my summary of each can be found on CEO Terminal.

Mirasol $MRZ

Evrim $EVM

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