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POSTED ON March 26, 2014 BY CEO Technician

As the S&P 500 flirts within 1% of fresh all-time highs, investor sentiment remains ebullient: Click to enlarge Meanwhile, the market leading small caps have begun to noticeably underperform large caps: And the longer term chart of the Russell 2000 (IWM) offers a picture of a market near a potentially decisive turning point as it… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 13, 2014 BY Jeff Desjardins

> Try Tickerscores free for 14 days The North is interesting from a mining exploration perspective in several ways. First, because it is vast and unexplored, the potential for finding a mega discovery is certainly a possibility. It is no secret that millions of ounces of placer gold have been mined in the Yukon since the… Continue Reading

POSTED ON February 20, 2014 BY CEO Technician

Facebook sees an opportunity to integrate a company called Whatsapp into its array of offerings so it decided to pay as much as a whopping $19 billion for a company that loses money. An excerpt from the CNN Money article: “Zuckerberg said he doesn’t anticipate trying to aggressively grow WhatsApp’s revenue until the service reaches… Continue Reading

POSTED ON February 18, 2014 BY James Altucher

It’s really humiliating to ask for money from people. When I was a venture capitalist I hated everyone who asked me for money. And I hated my partners who pretended like they had the ability to make important life or death decisions over people. All we really wanted to do was make a lot of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON February 05, 2014 BY Kevin Lee

“The days of getting rich quickly are over, and the days of getting rich slowly may be as well.” Bill Gross In his first “Investment Outlook” letter since the announced departure of his No. 2, Mohamed El-Erian, PIMCO’s co-founder Bill Gross remained confident on his company’s future and also shared his view on the US… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 29, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Jim Dines has been writing one of the world’s best read financial newsletters, The Dines Letter, since the 1950’s, and he’s still going strong… A few days ago Dines joined King World News to discuss his outlook for 2014 (Listen to the interview). Dines pats himself on the back for calling the coming 3D printing… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 29, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

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POSTED ON January 24, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Four of the biggest names in commodities finance face-off to discuss the state of the global economy and where stocks are going. Includes Fiore Financial’s Frank Giustra, Sprott’s Rick Rule, US Global Investors’ Frank Holmes and Murray John from Goodman & Company. A must-watch!

POSTED ON January 22, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

If you’re in the investment business in Canada, you may be just a little jealous of Deans Knight Capital: it’s a super successful small company with savvy entrepreneur clients and a fun, friendly corporate culture. And if you’re a Deans Knight client, you’re probably a happy camper — the company has produced better than 15%… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 15, 2014 BY Brent Cook

Rules of Thumb for Junior Mining Speculators —A Light at the End of the Tunnel by Brent Cook. Initially published by Streetwise Reports (The Gold Report–1/13/14) As we all know, for most speculators and investors the past few years in the mining and exploration sector have been disastrous. However, there are a number of fundamental trends… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 11, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

An edited version of this story was first published in the Globe and Mail. The man who recently left his job as head of Sprott Resource Corp. says he has yet to sell a share in the company. Kevin Bambrough, who exited his role as the chief executive of Sprott Resource Corp., as well as… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 10, 2014 BY Travis McPherson

Haywood Securities’ Chairman, John Tognetti, has added 2.4 million shares to his position in Mirasol Resources (MRZ:TSXV) which brings his total position to over 7.9 million shares or roughly 25% of the company.  Mr. Tognetti has been a supporter of Mirasol for a number of years and clearly continues to have his conviction about the… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 09, 2014 BY Travis McPherson

Companies in the resource business take note; bring the right deal to the table and BMO and GMP will find you the money.  Hudbay Minerals (HBM:TSX) announced today that they have secured a $150 million bought deal financing being led by GMP and BMO.  The financing was announced at $8.25 per share (only a small discount to… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 08, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

The man who was arguably the best performing junior resource fund manager IN THE WORLD from 2007-2013, Kevin Bambrough, Ex-President of Sprott Resource Corp., and President of Sprott Inc., abruptly departed the Sprott Group October 22, 2013 after an 11 year career with the embattled natural resources fund manager. Mr. Bambrough delivered a 150% net… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 08, 2014 BY Thom Calandra

On Fire: ALQA, CUR, SVV, BCRX, Gold & More THE CALANDRA REPORT: Subscribe We send this update from Active Trading Partner’s David Banister, whose analysis thus far is superb. We have been tracking the 48-year-old New England writer’s work on ALQA for about four weeks. Also, CUR. Plus: metals equities, including Almaden Minerals (AAU in… Continue Reading

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